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Dorien froze on the spot, arms locked at his side. No sudden movements, or else she might realizing her mistake, and… He didn’t know. Punch him? Shove him away? That would have been worse than this weird case of hugging.

Was she sick? He hadn’t gotten a good look at her before she had thrown her arms around his shoulders and pulled her close, so maybe she could be? Admittedly, she looked as she always did…

Surreptitiously, Dorien turned and tilted his head enough until he could rest his temple against her forehead. He didn’t feel a temperature, but maybe… Maybe she was feeling affectionate? Maybe someone was too much of an asshole for her to punch and she was frustrated?

He hugged her back, after an internal argument with himself over the likeliness of mind control, and smiled. He planned to ask her what was going on in a moment.

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Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ll choke you with the same hand I fed you with.

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Librarian + 126

I wasn’t ready to hand over anyone to one of the monsters if I could help it.

It wore her face, but he knew it wasn’t her. The eyes were all wrong, pale and rolled back into her head so only a sliver remained. The body language was so similar, head tilted to the side and slightly to the front. Her shoulders were slumped, and her arms were crossed over her chest. This did nothing change the mouth, which was trapped in that too wide and far too toothy grin. He looked away, not because he couldn’t stand to stare, but because it’d make it far easier to ignore a familiar looking tattoo peeking out from under the clothing she was wearing.

It wore her face, and it was enough. That was all that mattered to him.

"Host." The voice was right, but the tone and words weren’t. Even at her most frustrated or disappointed, there had been a vitality to it. She had a tendency to swear, to speak her mind, and if she had any sort of skill with magic, he’d have bet she’d have an inclination towards fire or arcane. Something… Showy.

This monotone, the dispassion, it wasn’t like her at all. It was good at mimicry, but fell short in such important ways.  

"Host," she snapped. He focused back on her face, her mouth, her teeth, her eyes. "We understand several deficiencies that may cause adverse personality quirks, but please don’t be a fucking idiot and get yourself killed."

He almost smiled. There she was.

She reached out to him, resting her fingers lightly against his cheek. He wanted to say he had flinched away from the contact, but.

He had grown used to it. He craved it. He missed her. Oh how he missed her.

"We depend on you, Host. We need you to survive."

Send me “Librarian!” + a number and I’ll grab the closest book, flip to that page number, and make us a starter using a random line of text from said page!



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There are certain people who come into your life, and leave a mark… Their place in your heart is tender; a bruise of longing, a pulse of unfinished business. Just hearing their names pushes and pulls at you in a hundred ways, and when you try to define those hundred ways, describe them even to yourself, words are useless.

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Ark tried to sit up in bed, groaning loudly as the movement sent a fresh wash of pain through his body.  The sound drew Dorien into the room, who rushed to Ark’s side, pushing him back down in bed.

"Ark, what did I tell you?  No moving from that bed until the day after tomorrow.  Do I need to tell you how many ribs you broke again?"

"No Dorien," Ark muttered, a mulish look on his face.

"And stop pouting."

"I am not pouting.  I am simply tired of laying in bed!”

"Well next time, don’t catch the mace with your chest.  Use something harder, like your head."

"Oh hoh, such wit.  Make me laugh and you’ll undo all the work you’ve done," he grumbled, then yawned. "Thank you, by the way."

Dorien smiled crookedly. “Think nothing of it,” he assured.  He was glad to see Ark making jokes about it.  He had not looked nearly so good after the blow, earned when trying to fight off the constructs Dorien had woken on one of Ellister’s digs.

Ark yawned again, eyes drooping, injuries sapping his energy. “Keia’ll be in again soon?” he asked.

"Yes, she’ll be back in a few hours, now, you get some rest, and I…" he stopped, Ark already long gone.

Dorien looked down at Ark shook his head, tugging the covers back up around his bandaged chest, leaning down to kiss is forehead softly.

"Get better, you lummox."

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A Letter to Dorien Mydral [7/21]


A plain letter arrives, written on crisp parchment and smelling faintly of sweet spices.

“Dear Dorien,

Good news! I talked with Ellister the other evening and though reluctant, he has agreed to a swimsuit fitting. He did express some concern about the style, but I assured him that it would be tasteful.

(I am of a mind, however, to purchase a thong and present it to him before the fitting as an example of the style. If he faints, we can blame it on me.)

Would you be available some time this week?

I look forward to hearing from you!


The answer appears swiftly!

Dear Vandy,

That is great news! I am free almost any time this week, so just give me a specific date that’s good for the two of you, and I’ll be there.

He’s concerned about style? From me? He does know I am an impeccable dresser, right? He doesn’t need to worry too much.

(Good plan with the thong though. I’ll be sure to set up a nice pillow or something for him if he does faint.)

- D. M.


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Thoran pondered, lips pursed in semi-drunken thought. “Will, I’d ‘ave ta say I’d go drinkin’ wit’ Huvi.” He nodded seriously. “An’ Dorien’s kinda adorable, wit’ always gettin’ inta some kinda misch…misc….trouble.” He hiccuped loudly. “So, I’d ‘ave no problem fuckin’ ‘im. An’ t’at leaves Miss Vandy fer marryin’!” He looked proud of himself in regards to his choices.

"An’ really, I t’ink Miss Vandy an’ I’d ‘ave fun at t’e Bunnery. Cos, after all, I know m’way ‘round an oven an’ I can carry all t’e ‘eavy stuff for ‘er, an I’d never mind if she went off an’ spent time wit’ Ellister. An’ we could even ‘unit toget’er!"

At this point, it became apparent that Thoran was far more into his cups than previously thought, for after one final hiccup….he face planted onto the table.

And giggled.

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