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Dorien held out his hands, and wondered if it would be too much to summon a barrier or two to physically ward the other man off without touching him. He decided not to in the end, and instead just pressed his fingers - as little contact as possible - against Ellister’s forearms. He pushed the worgen away, gently, with a fake smile on his face.

"It’s fine, it’s pretty obvious you don’t want this, so don’t pretend and try," he said softly, the smile going down a few notches. No less fake, but certainly more sad than the slightly manic he had on earlier. "Don’t try and hurt yourself just to try and please me."

He took several steps back, trying to roll his shoulders surreptitiously, and wasn’t entirely able to hide the flinch when his injuries flared. Honestly, it didn’t hurt that much - he had dealt with much worse - but they were sharp. Much like Ellister’s claws.

Dorien continued to step away from the man, holding up his hands in what he hoped was a calming fashion. “It’s fine. It’s fine. Don’t worry.”

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This was entirely too much.

Dorien had grown bolder with his physical expressions of fondness over the past few months. First with shaking hands, then with patting his shoulder; he should have seen this coming. It was only a matter of time before he attempted to hug him, the way he did with most other people. So when Dorien suddenly hugged him unexpectedly, the doctor was already on edge.

A fearsome growl tore from his throat as his furs ripped to the surface. Before he could stop himself, he grabbed Dorien by the shoulders, claws sinking into the flesh. His mane stood on end and his lip was curled in a menacing snarl as he bore down on the man. Then he froze.

Blinking stupidly, the doctor seemed to come to. He immediately released Dorien, a look of horror on his lupine face. Droplets of blood fell from his claws.

"I—I am so sorry, Dorien…"


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"It’s been a while since that last happened," she commented, after the initial huff of surprise and stumbling step backward that she conceded at the thump of Dorien’s leather-clad chest to her own. Protected as she was in her plate mail, the abrupt embrace made for a satisfying clank at each point where her armor set together, and it was echoed with the strong pat she gave the man’s back.

It was a brief moment of respite, of pleasantry, before the two looked ahead to the portal. Any smiles that came at the bidding of a reunited friendship either faded or went steely.

Cadence looked to Dorien after a moment of silence, and there was an odd glint in her eyes, something altogether too excited for the warzone they were about to head into.

"Do me a favor, Dorien. If it’s really bad in there, promise you’ll stay behind me."

And then she was walking ahead of him.

And then he gave her a MANLY slap on the ass.

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GHS AU Night

Topic: Scott Pilgrim
Characters: Dory + Huvi


Dorien gasped, trying to catch his breath as he stared at the broken window. What had even happened? Why had that guy just jumped him, shouting about… What HAD he been shouting about? The redhead scooted forward, keeping a firm grip on the mop he had grabbed. He hoped the guy wasn’t too hurt, but going through a window like that…

"I forgot to mention," Huvi said, walking up with him to peer out the window. There were a bunch of… Coins? On the ground? Where was the guy? "Y’gotta fight my exes if y’wanna date me."

Dorien turned to stare at her. “W-what? Why?”

Huvi shrugged. “I’m not sure how it happened, but don’t worry about it. You’ll do great!”

"Can I get hints at least? Who do I have to fight? Will they jump me like that guy?"

Huvi reached up, and took Dorien’s hand, pulling him away from the window to sit at one of the tables in the restaurant. The redhead marveled at the fact that no one else seemed to have bat an eyelash at the attack, and the subsequent fight. Not that there had been much of a fight.

They hadn’t even been kicked out yet!

Huvi tapped his hand, drawing his attention out of his memories. “Y’got four more to face.”

"That doesn’t sound hard…"

"They’re tough, but I believe in you." She smiled, and Dorien couldn’t help but smile back. She was so lovely, and her sense of style was always wonderful. He knew she was worth fighting for, even if this was more than a little bit ridiculous.

She held up a finger. “The next one will probably be Ellister, he’s punctual, probably because he’s a doctor. He’s got a bit of a temper, and fond of scalpels, so watch out.”

A second finger came up. “Etharion is sweet, but his cat isn’t, and he goes everywhere with Dusty. He’s also the captain of the archery club nearby.”

A third finger. “Vandrysse is as sweet as the food in her bakery, but she’s great at playing mind games too. Don’t get too caught up in what she says, because she’ll probably run rings around you.” Huvi’s free hand reached across the table to pat Dorien’s, and after a moment, they laced their hands together.

"Last would be Natharai, who is dark and broody. Average height though, but there’s rumours about how he’s got some magic. I mean, I’ve seen his library, but I have a hard time believing that."

"That guy that fell out of the window turned into coins."

Huvi scoffed.

GHS AU Night: Handcuffed


Topic: Handcuffed Together (not an actual AU but necessary)

Characters: Dorien Mydral and Vandrysse Dyce

Vandrysse stared blankly as the tarnished cuff snapped shut over her wrist, its companion affixing itself to Dorien.

“I’m tellin’ you, we didn’ do anything wrong!” She uttered a word that was decidedly Dwarven and foul, glaring at the goblin who was giving her an equally hard stare.

“Drunk. In. Publick.” The goblin carefully enunciated, as if Vandrysse was a foreigner who didn’t understand. “We can’t have these kind of shenanigans during Pirate’s Day.”

“Okay, so maybe the fire was a wee bit overboard.” Both she and Dorien ducked as a two-by-four went sailing over their heads. “Light damn it all, you need t’ be arrestin’ them.” At the end of a dock, a male human and a draenei were getting into sloppy fisticuffs.

“You know Ellister’s going to blame me,” Dorien said as they were being led away. The goblin roughly shoved them into a makeshift holding area that was outlined by large bulky crates, where a few other celebratory visitors were half-passed out, half-grumbling about unfair treatment. She couldn’t help but notice that the tattooed man was a bit twitchy. Like he kept reaching for something that was just out of grasp …

“Almost … got it …,” Dorien murmured. The baker’s sensitive hearing detected the faintest click! and it suddenly dawned on her what was going on. Their drunken companions were oblivious, and the one guard wasn’t much better, either. There were a few gaps in the placement of the crates; one in particular looked just wide enough for the two of them to slip through. It would mean taking a tumble into the harbour, but as long as she didn’t transition into her furs, that wouldn’t be a problem … and what an adventure that would be! She could just imagine Ellister furiously scowling at them both.

Even though it probably wasn’t necessary, Dorien quickly picked at Vandrysse’s cuff, setting her free. Nodding at the opening, they both darted through and away to freedom.

And to think she didn’t even have to mind control anyone to get out of that escapade!

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Lordaeron Liaison - Spy AU


Huvi jerked the sewer grate carefully, breaking it off where she’d frozen it thoroughly enough to be brittle. She didn’t want to make too much noise or else she’d alert someone. Her sources told her that abominations patrolled the sewers of Undercity for intruders, and she didn’t really want to deal with any company. Heading down the tunnel, she peered at her crudely drawn map; the forsaken members of the Ebon Blade provided what intel they could without arousing suspicion, but it was far from complete.

“Alright, straight past this intersection, then left at the next, take a ladder up… or is that down? Bloody hell this ain’t clear at all.” She planned her moves in her head as she moved ahead. As she passed the intersection she bumped into a red-headed human in a mask making his way down a side tunnel. How’d she not notice him until he was right on top of her? She rolled back and drew her runeblade before noticing he wasn’t undead.

“Living human… in Undercity? Yeh must be mad ta sneak in ‘ere.” She relaxed her posture, hoping to avoid a fight. The man in the mask seemed receptive, almost like he didn’t want to scrap either.

“You’ve got just as much to worry about as me. Not a lot of forsaken dwarves. They’ll see right through you.” He spoke, she could tell he was smiling under his mask. He had about a dozen knives strapped to his person, but didn’t make a move for any of them. Seems he trusted her not to attack him. Seems she should return the favour.

“Ah don’t know whut yer here for, but ah’m lookin fer a hidden chamber und-”

“Down the hall, take a left, then take a ladder down? Yes I’m looking for the same chamber.”

She was taken aback. Didn’t know how he knew about her mission, but at least his intel was more complete than hers.

“Two heads’re better’n one, ah heard an ogre say ‘at once. Care ta join forces?”

She yanked the last grate off its housing, the room they searched for was ahead of them.

“Kolitra Deathweaver. Have we finally found you?” She scanned the room and spied a casket with wires protruding from it. That had to be it. She dropped into the room and landed atop an apothecary’s shoulders, striking him in the head with her blade; the other two turned to see the commotion but fell to two daggers thrown from the tunnel they snuck in through. She nodded at the man and crossed the room; he followed silently.

“Spirits, it is Kolitra. Come on, ah’m gettin you outta ‘ere.” She began weaving dark necromantic energies, opening a gate to acherus to send her comrade to safety. Sliding him through the gate, she turned and saw her companion stuffing his pockets with parchments. Specifically the blueprints and operational directions for the device Sylvanas’ apothecaries had sealed Kolitra in to break him. “Whut d’ya think yer doin with ‘at?”

He turned to face her slowly, hands empty; or at least they seemed to be. In a quick motion he threw down a smoke bomb and vaulted over her, scaling the wall with ease and making his way down the tunnel. She turned to give chase, summoning a ghoul to boost her into the tunnel, she charged down, runeblade drawn. That’s when she felt a sharp stinging on her throat, and was lifted from her feet.

“H-he-gkkkkk-” she tried to speak, but the thin near-invisible wire wrapped around her throat tightly. As she rose, he descended, holding the other end of the line. She slashed at him as he descended, catching his shirt ineffectually before he knocked her sword from her grasp with a thrown dagger.

“Sorry love. You achieved your mission if it’s any consolation, and I’ve achieved mine.” He patted the parchment-filled pouch on his belt.

She looked down at him with fury, she’d find him somehow, she swore it. Studying him for clues about his identity before he left, the only thing of note was his bright red hair and a strange skull tattooed on his chest. He was instantly aware that she’d noticed; drawing another dagger.

“Well love, now I’m afraid I can’t let you leave.”

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Topic: University Students
Characters: Dory + Ellister


"Are you sure you don’t want to study together?" Dorien doggedly followed after Ellister as the other undergrad rushed to his next class. Sure, the redhead’s own class might have been on the other side of the campus of Ellister’s, but he really needed this answer now!

"You’d distract me, and I really need this class to go well," Ellister explained, weary. Dorien knew that between this test coming up, another one next week, and a paper to write for some unnamed third class, Ellister was tired. From what he heard though, the paper wasn’t long. It was the necessary annotations would drive anyone crazy.

"How would I distract you?" Dorien frowned. "You’ve seen my notes, you know they’re thorough and good. Hell, they might be better than yours!"

"You distract me in class. You’re distracting me now!"

"Not when it’s important," Dorien rolled his eyes. "All you’re doing right now is walking."

"Why are you even in Biology anyway? Weren’t you aiming for a BoA?"

"I was thinking of changing it, and trying to become a nurse. You want to be a doctor, right? I’ll be a great assistant, I’d be the best nurse for you around, Elli. A team, forever and ever."

Ellister, who hadn’t been getting much sun considering all the studying he had been doing, possibly went even paler at that thought. He stopped short, causing to Dorien stop in front of his friend and stare. Was he going to faint?

"Dorien. Dorien, I promise to study with you for anything in this class if you promise not to become a nurse just to help me."

The redhead stopped, and raised an eyebrow. “Wow, I’m feeling the love right now, Elli. Fine, I promise. But if the stars align and it happens, you can’t blame me.”

Ellister sighed. Dorien beamed, and hugged the other undergrad. Ellister froze, and dropped the books he had been carrying on their feet.