Ark tried to sit up in bed, groaning loudly as the movement sent a fresh wash of pain through his body.  The sound drew Dorien into the room, who rushed to Ark’s side, pushing him back down in bed.

"Ark, what did I tell you?  No moving from that bed until the day after tomorrow.  Do I need to tell you how many ribs you broke again?"

"No Dorien," Ark muttered, a mulish look on his face.

"And stop pouting."

"I am not pouting.  I am simply tired of laying in bed!”

"Well next time, don’t catch the mace with your chest.  Use something harder, like your head."

"Oh hoh, such wit.  Make me laugh and you’ll undo all the work you’ve done," he grumbled, then yawned. "Thank you, by the way."

Dorien smiled crookedly. “Think nothing of it,” he assured.  He was glad to see Ark making jokes about it.  He had not looked nearly so good after the blow, earned when trying to fight off the constructs Dorien had woken on one of Ellister’s digs.

Ark yawned again, eyes drooping, injuries sapping his energy. “Keia’ll be in again soon?” he asked.

"Yes, she’ll be back in a few hours, now, you get some rest, and I…" he stopped, Ark already long gone.

Dorien looked down at Ark shook his head, tugging the covers back up around his bandaged chest, leaning down to kiss is forehead softly.

"Get better, you lummox."

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A Letter to Dorien Mydral [7/21]


A plain letter arrives, written on crisp parchment and smelling faintly of sweet spices.

“Dear Dorien,

Good news! I talked with Ellister the other evening and though reluctant, he has agreed to a swimsuit fitting. He did express some concern about the style, but I assured him that it would be tasteful.

(I am of a mind, however, to purchase a thong and present it to him before the fitting as an example of the style. If he faints, we can blame it on me.)

Would you be available some time this week?

I look forward to hearing from you!


The answer appears swiftly!

Dear Vandy,

That is great news! I am free almost any time this week, so just give me a specific date that’s good for the two of you, and I’ll be there.

He’s concerned about style? From me? He does know I am an impeccable dresser, right? He doesn’t need to worry too much.

(Good plan with the thong though. I’ll be sure to set up a nice pillow or something for him if he does faint.)

- D. M.


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hellomynameisandiam sent: Vandrysse, Dorien, Huvi.


Thoran pondered, lips pursed in semi-drunken thought. “Will, I’d ‘ave ta say I’d go drinkin’ wit’ Huvi.” He nodded seriously. “An’ Dorien’s kinda adorable, wit’ always gettin’ inta some kinda misch…misc….trouble.” He hiccuped loudly. “So, I’d ‘ave no problem fuckin’ ‘im. An’ t’at leaves Miss Vandy fer marryin’!” He looked proud of himself in regards to his choices.

"An’ really, I t’ink Miss Vandy an’ I’d ‘ave fun at t’e Bunnery. Cos, after all, I know m’way ‘round an oven an’ I can carry all t’e ‘eavy stuff for ‘er, an I’d never mind if she went off an’ spent time wit’ Ellister. An’ we could even ‘unit toget’er!"

At this point, it became apparent that Thoran was far more into his cups than previously thought, for after one final hiccup….he face planted onto the table.

And giggled.

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jaraxxus sent: Lor'themar, Baine, Sylvanas

Dorien scowls. “Why. Why can’t anyone just say Procrastin’s name three times. Too easy?!”

He huffs. “I’d drink with Sylvanas, because then we’d have a table’s worth of distance between us at all times. I’d fuck Lor’themar, I guess. And that leaves Baine for marriage.” He shrugs.

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thoran-barrett sent: Natharai, Ellister, Thoran

Dorien laughs. “Okay, this I can actually work with.” He holds up his hand, three fingers extended. “I’ll drink with Thoran, I’ll fuck Ellister, and I’ll have a nice marriage with Natharai, where we’re best friends forever in matrimony.” He smirks.

vaishino sent: Fuck, Marry, Get Drunk With: Genn Greymane, Varian Wrynn, Malfurion Stormrage.

Dorien stares.

He squints.

"You’re kidding right? You couldn’t have put Lady Proudmoore in there? Light, I’d have taken Vol’jin… Which I guess is the point." He throws his hands up in the air. "I don’t even know these— uughh." He slumps over, resting his head on the table. "I’ll drink with that Stormrage guy. I guess I’ll fuck the king. And I’ll marry Greymane. That seems the less offensive configuration."

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Fuck, Marry, Get Drunk With. Send me 3 names.

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The letter, as per usual, was slipped under the door. There was little decoration to it, just ‘Vandrysse Dyce’ on the front; admittedly, the Es in her name were cleverly (or obnoxiously) turned into hearts.

Dear Vandy,

I apologize already, since I am almost annoyingly vague with every letter I write, but I was considering something since the last time we spoke. I’ve been practicing, and you gave me really great pointers, so I feel a certain amount of confidence with the task I set out to do. On that note, assuming you’re in good health, and are willing, so I was wondering if I could take you up on that offer.

Shall we make a date of it? I’ll bring a full meal this time - unless you believe that doing this sort of thing on a full stomach is a terrible idea.

Between the two if us though, I am sure there will be food.

- D. M.

"Yeah. Ah, well…" Pro sips his coffee, pensively. "Come to think of it, I haven’t stabbed anyone in ages. What is this world coming to…"

"Almost becoming respectable!" Dorien smirks. "And isn’t that terrible."

"I have a reputation to uphold you know. I think I may be falling in the ranks from world renowned unstable asshole to slightly odd snarky shut in."

"Is that really such a bad thing though? At least people will be less than likely to start fights with you. Easier to avoid the law, but I do admit, there’s something exciting about getting in a fight every so often." Dorien taps his chin. "I wonder if brawl pub has a couples fighting night…"

"If not, we should start one. We’re not the only combat minded people around." Pro grins.

"But I think we’re the less reputable people of our combat minded people. Plus, Nath’s terrrrible at hand-to-hand combat. I kind of punched him in the throat the one time we sparred."

Pro snorts. “Well that was mean. How’d that turn out?”

"He didn’t get too bothered. Seemed to blame himself for not blocking." Dorien coughs. "And not the fact that I am significantly better at hand-to-hand than him."